Not sure what to bring to your appointment?

At Choice Accountants and Advisors Australia we ensure to have your return completed during your appointment and lodged in a timely manner.

To avoid you having to go home and source documents that you didn’t know you needed, we have provided a checklist that helps you gather all the info necessary.

As the Australian Taxation Office moves towards greater data sharing, you will not need to bring as much paperwork as in previous years. For the average taxpager, you’ll only need your Tax File Number.

Choice Accountants and Advisors the Accounting Professionals looks forward to seeing you at your appointment.

Payment Summary(s) from employers

Centrelink Summary(s) statements

Details and receipts for work and other deductions

Interest income, dividend statements and managed investment statements

Private Health Insurance statement

Details of any investments/rental properties etc., including address of property, when purchased, how many weeks rented or leased, expenses incurred

Details of capital gains/losses. (eg. Sale of shares or an investment property)

Spouse’s income details (if applicable)

Current bank account details for the ATO to electronically deposit your refund into your account