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System shutdown 24 December 2019 to 2 January 2020

From noon AEDT 24 December 2019, ATO systems will progressively become unavailable in preparation for a major system upgrade.

If you have STP reports due during this shutdown period, you can lodge on the first business day after without incurring a penalty for late or missed STP reports.

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Options for businesses shutting during December and January

We understand that many businesses may have a shutdown period during the year, especially during December and January. If you are reporting through STP you need to lodge your payroll information on or before each payday.

You can submit multiple pay runs prior to your closure period, if one or more of your pay runs falls on a day you are closed. If you find there’s a need to correct the information you reported, you can make any changes in your next pay run once you re-open.

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If you would like to report any pay runs you make during your shutdown period after you have re-opened, you can apply for an operational deferral which defers the due date of your STP report. You can apply for an operational deferral through the Business Portal or your registered agent.

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We have produced the following summary factsheets as a handy resource:

You can also access these resources in text:

Digital resources

  • Get ready for STPExternal Link – Video that discusses how business reporting is changing. All employers need to get ready for Single Touch Payroll and start reporting any time between 1 July and 30 September 2019.
  • ATO podcast – Tax inVoice – Assistant Commissioner John Shepherd talks to Michael Croker, Tax Australia leader at Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand. They discuss how to get ready for the transition to Single Touch Payroll.


Digital events

We have held a number of digital events to help and support employers’ transition to, and start Single Touch Payroll reporting.


Completed webcasts

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Single Touch Payroll for Tax Professionals – supporting small employers to transition and Tax Time 2019 key messagesExternal Link

30 May 2019

A panel discussion on getting ready for STP and an in detail presentation about:

  • transition options
  • support for small employers
  • quarterly reporting
  • online deferrals and exemptions
  • the end of year finalisation process.


Small employers and tax professionals

How to transition to Single Touch Payroll for small employersExternal Link

5 March 2019

A presentation for small employers and their agents outlining:

  • transition options
  • quarterly reporting concessions
  • closely held concessions.


Small employers and tax professionals

Single Touch Payroll Tax Professionals Engagement ForumExternal Link

4 May 2018

Three sessions discussing:

  • why STP is important and how it works
  • how industry and the ATO are working together
  • practical guidance for tax professionals
  • changes for employees
  • our client engagement approach
  • guidance on how to get ready.


Tax professionals

Webinar recordings

We have completed a series of webinars. View recordings of the webinars by clicking on the links below.

Completed webinars 2019

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Single Touch Payroll – Helping small employers and Tax Professionals get it rightExternal Link

26 September 2019

Information about:

  • what you need to do to transition to STP
  • what to do if you haven’t yet transitioned to STP
  • how to avoid some of the common mistakes made when transitioning to STP.


Small employers and tax professionals

Single Touch Payroll – quarterly reporting External Link

16 July 2019

Information on quarterly reporting concessions available for:

  • micro employers
  • employers with seasonal and intermittent employees
  • employers with closely held payees.


Small employers and tax professionals

Single Touch Payroll – closely held payeesExternal Link

18 March 2019

Information for employers with closely-held payees including substantial and small employers.


Superannuation reporting through Single Touch PayrollExternal Link

12 March 2019

Information on the changes to superannuation reporting including:

  • What Member Account Transaction Service (MATS) data is
  • how MATS is being used
  • what employees see
  • defined benefits.


Large employers and multinationals

End of financial year processing through Single Touch PayrollExternal Link

14 February 2019

Information on how to process your end of year data correctly including:

  • finalising data
  • amendments after finalisation
  • overpayments relating to previous financial years
  • what to tell your employees.


Large employers and multinationals

Single Touch Payroll corrections frameworkExternal Link

7 February 2019

Information on making corrections including:

  • how to correct a pay event report
  • how to report ad hoc/out of cycle payments and overpayments
  • understanding errors.


Large employers and multinationals

Preparing for Single Touch PayrollExternal Link

5 February 2019

Information on how to set up your software correctly before reporting through STP including:

  • authentications
  • authorisations
  • declarations
  • notifying us.


Large employers and multinationals

Completed webinars 2018

Webinar topic recordings

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Employee commencement – large employersExternal Link

12 December 2018

Discuss solutions available to support the on-boarding of new employees.


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